Zhenelle and TommyI remember Michelle switching from her thin, flimsy latex gloves to her “serious baby-catching gloves”. I remember asking her, gasping for air between contractions, “where are we?” and the excitement I felt when she made a chestnut sized oval with her fingers to show me how much of your head she could see. I remember Erin telling me “you’re doing it, this is it, he’s going to be here soon” and believing her. I remember when Ellen said, “Reach down, feel your baby’s head,” and there you were… the crown of your soft little skull peeking out from inside me… like velvet to the touch. I remember looking at Daddy as he watched you being born, tears streaming down his face. He was holding my hand, saying “he’s here, Nellie, he’s here… you’re doing it…” and my heart felt so full of strength and joy and love.

Zhenelle and Tommy Birth Story