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Troy Midwife Loves Babies

It is not often that the camera turns on me -usually I am the one snapping pics. But recently, a momma took the camera out of my hands and captured shots of me and her baby. Looking at these photos, it is obvious that I love this baby. Well, who wouldn't right? She is lovely! But, full disclosure, I truly love babies. And as these photos ...

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Michelle on WMHT

Recently, I was interviewed by Jessica Bloustein Marshall of WMHT. Our discussion focused on my chapter in the book 'Nobody Told Me About That: The First Six Weeks'. In this book focusing on the first six weeks of new parenthood, I wrote a chapter about dealing with visitors, balancing your sometimes conflicting needs for privacy and support. Also, check out the Nobody Told Me About That website and FaceBook page.

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Beat the Heat? More like Survive the Swelter

Ok folks a big, long, nasty hot spell is arriving as I type. The forecast puts us above 90 degrees every day in the next week. Here are some requests, suggestions and miscellaneous tips to help you survive the swelter. Please, please, please stay hydrated this coming week. Dehydration can lead to all kinds of nasty things ranging from feeling rotten, to preterm labor, to death. ...

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Postpartum Rest and Recovery: My Recipe

Postpartum, the time after birth, is a period of change and integration where rest and recovery are necessary. As a midwife, I work with birthing families to help plan for this period during prenatal care. I also do many postpartum visits with every client, some visits at homes, some at my office, visits at the hospital when needed. Mother and baby are the obvious focus of ...

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Evidence Based Care is a Three Legged Stool

Evidence based care (aka evidence based practice) is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. It is frustrating to me, a health care provider that aims to provide evidence based care, it is frustrating when I hear other providers say that their patients ‘refused evidence based care” as if evidence were the only part of the equation. Nope. Evidence based care has three parts: the evidence, ...