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KMD listed as provider at Bellevue

Since early September 2015, I have had admitting privileges at Bellevue Women's Center in Niskayuna, NY. And as of today, I am listed on the website. Yay! There is a new push in the marketing team to get things 'cleaned up'. One of the side effects of this is that I am now have a provider profile that is searchable and published. And thanks to Ashley Wilbur for my headshot:

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Eight Days. Five Babies.

Babies babies everywhere and not a minute to mention. Since Thanksgiving Day, LCM and yours truly have attended five births. All lovely home births as planned, with healthy moms, thriving babes, and all relatively efficient. Thanks abound for every bit. The baby blogs will be appearing shortly on the Home Page of the website and on the Welcome to the World page. But in the meantime, ...

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“Nobody Told Me About That! The First Six Weeks” Book Launch Party

I did a Thing! I wrote a chapter for a book entitled 'Nobody Told Me About That! The First Six Weeks'. Come celebrate with us on Sunday Dec 9 from 3-5 PM. We will have books for sale, pens at the ready for me to sign said books, a fire in the fireplace, some hot cider, and a few delicious nibbles. Join us if you can! ...

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Midwife on vacation 2018

As a midwife in private practice, I am almost always on call. From the time any client is within three weeks of her due date until she births, I am at the ready. That means that I always am within earshot of my phone, my Apple-watch strapped to my wrist,  that my gas tank is at least a quarter full, that I do not drink a ...

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BANI Childbirth Classes Offered this Summer

Birth as Nature Intended (BANI) Childbirth Education is offered at LCM this July Classes will start on Thursday July 5 They will continue on Tuesday July 10, Tuesday July 17 and conclude on Tuesday July 24 All classes to be held at Local Care Midwifery, 35 Dearstyne Road, Troy, NY 12180 Class held from 6:00 PM until ~ 8:00 PM $200 for the series (covers birthing person ...

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Postpartum Rest and Recovery: My Recipe

Postpartum, the time after birth, is a period of change and integration where rest and recovery are necessary. As a midwife, I work with birthing families to help plan for this period during prenatal care. I also do many postpartum visits with every client, some visits at homes, some at my office, visits at the hospital when needed. Mother and baby are the obvious focus of ...

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Evidence Based Care is a Three Legged Stool

Evidence based care (aka evidence based practice) is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. It is frustrating to me, a health care provider that aims to provide evidence based care, it is frustrating when I hear other providers say that their patients ‘refused evidence based care” as if evidence were the only part of the equation. Nope. Evidence based care has three parts: the evidence, ...