On the first Monday of August, 2009, Local Care Midwifery opened for business. Our first address, 213 Pawling Avenue was a great place to start out and it served us well for four years. Clients loved the wrap-around porch, easy access to chiropractic adjustments and the many cups of tea that were shared during those years.

In December 2013, Michelle, her husband Kevin, and the business moved a mere five miles away, yet they are now deep in the country. Local Care Midwifery, PLLC now resides at 35 Dearstyne Road, Troy, NY, and life is good! Lush fields, rolling hills, wild flowers… everything here seems to support and comfort; this is a prefect home for a midwifery practice. Clients remark that even the drive is relaxing.

The original idea behind Local Care Midwifery (LCM) was to create an independent midwifery practice that would provide high quality health care for women of the Capital District and offer planned home birth services. I wanted to create the kind of practice I would have gone to for my own births. I believe this is what we have created.

Since LCM opened, six other licensed, independent midwifery practices have opened in the area, five of which also offer planned home birth. Obviously, families in the Capital region were ready for these options in health care!

Since opening LCM, we have served hundreds of women, caught 130 babies at home as planned, and added a total of 145 LCM babies to our website. Wow.

Here for your scrolling pleasure, all in one place, are the First Five Years of LCM Babies.


May all babies be born into loving hands

LCM Babies 2009

Emalia Claire Genvieve, December 31

Seth Henry, November 22

Sky, November 8

Mercianna, August 26

LCM Babies 2010

Samuel Morse, December 27

Savion Taheim, December 25

Nathan Henri, December 23

Nathaniel Guy, December 22

Suraya Elizabeth, December 10

Asa Philip, December 6

Henry Matthew, November, 26

Benjamin Nathaniel, October 24

Elijah Asher, October 24

Margot Eloise, October 21

Adeline Elise, October 17

Stella Sunshine, October 15

Samuel Thomas, October 9

Arabelle Elisabeth, October 1

Madeline Jean. September 16

Alice Mae, August 31

Malcolm Russell, August 18

Maeve Máire, August 15

Ruth Abigail, August 8

Maya Danyce, July 14

Rachel Lucia, July 11

Ava Rae, July 1

Audrey Grace, June 24

Avalon Marie, June 15

Madison Rae, May 25

Vera Rena, May 20

Mercy Rose May 11

Lila Amelia, May 1

Rinchen Dorje, April 14

Quinn Cara, April 6

Malachi Robert, April 2

Teirnan John, March 13

Kiley Anne, January 31

LCM Babies 2011

Nathaniel Gray, December 7

Phoebe True, December 4

Meghan Camille, December 3

Rufus Maurits, November 22

Casper David, November 22

Julian Crine, November 14

Hazel Moon, November 9

Daisy Matilda Freeborn Sheppard, November 4

Hannah Faith, October 23

Shelby Alexander, October 23

Neville Devan, October 12

Eli Lucius, October 6

Jude, September 14

Leland Miles, August 14

Zen, August 13

Thomas Joseph, July 28

Reina Grace, July 18

Audrey Caroline, July 17

Charlotte Marie, July 13

Marion Claire, July 11

Ida Marion, July 7

Max Edward, June 6

Lola GracieLou, May 22

Aliana James, May 22

John Michael Calvin, May 21

Levi Michael, April 19

Cameron David, April 4

Brooke Rose, March 31

Nikola Retherford, March 2

Ilgin, February 25

Denver Wade, February 19

Jesse Glidden, January 30

Zeta Lucia, January 21

LCM Babies 2012

Cooper Michael, December 1

Kateri Noel, November 29

Daniel Sullivan, November 26

Locke Westley, November 14

Brigid Grainne, November 2

Sarah Tzipporah, October 31

Daniel Robert, October 29

Jackson D, October 5

Ruth MacDuffee, September 30

Jasper James, September 23

Elgin Thomas, September 14

Marin Chrissy, August 8

Margaret Elizabeth, July 28

Boaz Levi, July 24

Rona Jean, July 14

Peri Ismet, July 11

Judah Issachar Eden, July 9

Kelsey,  June 4

Alexandra Helene, May 21

Scarlet Sylvan, April 6

Charles Alva, March 12

Phoebe Messineo, March 12

Phillip Lawrence, February 29

Ashlynn Jade, February 23

Camila Grace, February 18

Nola Maeve, January 27

Ruby Viola, January 24

Henry Mitchell, January 16

LCM Babies 2013

Clover Elizabeth, December 8

Elizabeth Jubilee, December 1

Caleb Jianxian, October 18

Cecelia Dimitri, October 14

Avital Dorothy, September 25

William Chauncey, September 12

Addyson Kathryn, September 11

Frances Dee, August 30

Owen Jacob, July 29

Kye Joshua, July 23

Mary Katherine, July 22

Cecil Crawford, June 9

Clara Elizabeth, May 18

Noah Benjamin, May 3

Imogen Safi, April 18

Aidan McNamee, April 3

Jonah Thomas, March 23

Joseph Jude, March 12

Chadwin Doyle, March 8

Adeline Clothier, March 6

Emma Grace, February 19

Michael Jon, February 12

Bethany Grace, February 12

Everett Blake, January 8

Finley James, January 5

Stella James, January 4

LCM Babies 2014

Isabel Rose, July 8

Graham Kenwood, July 27

Dexter Messineo, June 29

Naruto Thurston, June 26

Isabelle Marie, June 7

Kayden Eliah, June 1

Jory Blaise, June 1

Charlotte Jaymes, May 30

Jude Elliot, May 29

Pearl Tealu, May 19

Ana May, May 12

Violet Michelle, April 28

Amos Winslow, March 10

Ezra Noam, March 8

Baby Juliet Winter, February 27

Dominic Richard, February 25

Bethany Emily, February 22

Ziva Anne, January 28

Faith Moriah, January 22

Jamie Ruhamah, January 21

Edgar, January 13