In 2016, Local Care Midwifery (LCM) had 30 clients that entered labor planning to birth at home and except for one, they all did birth at home. One person transferred from home during labor, and wound up delivering by Cesarean Section. One person choose hospital birth from the onset of care. One client had an induction of labor in the hospital, at 2 weeks past her due date after initially choosing home birth. One person strongly desired a home birth but due to various risk factors a hospital birth was planned. However, her baby had a different idea and a speedy, safe home birth was the outcome.

The specification ‘entered labor planning to birth at home’, is common to well designed place-of-birth studies and it is the specification that Midwife’s Alliance of North America (MANA) uses for their planned home birth data.

At LCM, we do more than just catch babies -in 2016, there were also plenty of gyn visits, lactation support visits, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy appointments. And of course our wonderful bi-monthly LCM Moms & More!

Here are the 2016 LCM Stats:

Local Care Midwifery MANA Stats 2016

Total Number of Births 32
Vaginal Births 31 96.8%
Home Birth (as planned) 28 96.5%
Average age at booking 32
First Time Mothers 10 31%
Total Inductions (Pharmaceutical Inductions) 2 6%
Water births 3 9.4%
Vaginal Birth after Cesarean/Successful VBAC Rate 1 100%
Breech birth 0
Twins 0
Intact perineum or only slight abrasion 24 69%
Episiotomy 0
Cesarean Births/C/S Rate 1 3%
Blood loss over 500 mls 6
Male/Female infant ratio 15/17
Average Baby Weight 7.9 lbs
Breastfeeding at last visit 32 100%
Infant deaths during labor or 6 weeks postpartum 0
Infant with 5 minute Apgar under 7 1 3%
Maternal Death 0