August 3, 2009, the doors of Local Care Midwifery opened for business. And we have been working ever since -attending births both at home and hospital, doing prenatal, postpartum and lactation visits, also plenty of gynecologic, mental health and primary care visits. There have been office and home visits galore, Spring and Fall Open Houses, and the ongoing LCM Moms & More semi monthly meetings.

This weekend, we had our biggest celebration yet -the LCM 10 Year Birthday Bash. Hosted by Kevin and Michelle at their Lily Hill Homestead, LOTS of folks ate, danced, played, chatted, sang, and then ate some more!

Thanks to everyone that came to the party. Thanks for the kind words, hugs, card and lovely gifts. Thanks to everyone that has supported Michelle and helped make the dream of Local Care Midwifery a 10 year reality. Thanks especially to all the women and families that have trusted us with your care for over a decade. Our hearts are full.


Michelle & Kevin Doyle

May all babies be born into loving hands