Many of you have been following the unfolding story of Baby Joey. Prenatally, he was supposed to have a lethal heart defect. Then he was born last week, pink and squalling, and looking great (cute as button!). He continued to act like a normal baby-learning to nurse, snuggling, peeing and pooping. He even got, albeit a cautious,’thumbs up’ from his pediatric cardiologist.
Then Tuesday March 19, at one week old, he started showing his new colors, shades of blue and grey. Scary! So, we made a fast trip to Albany Med. He wound up with an admission to the NICU for observation, where he first looked much better and then much worse. Wednesday morning, it was imperative that he have emergent heart surgery to place a shunt (basically a piece of plumbing from heart to lungs). He made it through surgery with flying colors and now has a week-long reservation at the AMC PICU ‘Spa’.
Mom and dad are on cloud nine; they never thought they would be so happy to be in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. And yet here they are, loving every moment, every single touch with their precious baby, Baby Joey.
Thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers, meals, baby clothes… Thanks for all the wonderful support!


May all babies be born into loving hands