I love boring.

Boring is safe. Boring is quiet. Boring is ordinary.

I love boring.

As a midwife, much of my job/life is exciting, extraordinary, thrilling. And, yet, it is the ordinary, the simple, frankly the boring stuff that I love.

When I am doing an intake with a new client and she has a great diet, no health problems, a stable relationship, I think, “How boring. Yay!”

When I am attending a labor and things just roll along smoothly, with a good fetal heart rate, mom working well with contractions, family excited about this baby, the baby birthing smooth and easy and placenta following shortly after, I think, “Well, that was boring. Thank you!”

Today, I am in bed with a cold, a ordinary, run of the mill, cold. It is wonderful to be in my bed, with a cup of tea, a slice of bread, a book, listening to clothes tumbling in the dryer, and this laptop sitting on a pillow. So boring. So wonderful. So boring.

Some people are probably reading this and shaking their heads, correcting me. “She means ordinary not boring.” Well, no, actually I do mean boring: repetitive, uneventful, banal, plain vanilla. That is exacatly what I mean. Heck, I even love vanilla.

Now, being bored-that is different. Frankly I do not have time or the patience for that.
But plain ole boring? I don’t just love it, I live for it.


May all babies be born into loving hands