It has been one week since the Newtown, CT tragedy, a senseless shooting that left 28 dead. Twenty first grade students, six school employees, the shooter and his own mother all died violently and suddenly. Around the Northeast, the nation, the entire world, people have grieved, some loudly, some silently, some publicly, and some privately. This was a terrible thing to happen to good people, to innocent  children. It has horrified us and challenged our faith in humanity.

And the truly awful truth is that terrible things happen to good people every day and that innocent children die every single day. Every day babies are stillborn and families rock with grief and shock. Every day, woman have mid-pregnancy ultrasounds that go from fun and exciting to dread filled silence. Every day families are told that their fetus/baby/newborn/child is dead or dying. It is awful. And it is life.

On the night of the Newtown tragedy, a dear friend climbed into my car and clearly stated her need to vent. Having heard all day about the terrible incident in CT while she is currently pregnant with a baby that has been prenatally diagnosed with multiple anomalies and an inoperable heart defect was just too much for her. “Hug your children tight TONIGHT?!” she raged. ‘No! Hug your children EVERY night and EVERY day!”

I couldn’t have said it better.


May all babies be born into loving hands