One morning, I was making a prenatal home visit to a mother of 10. The seven-year old daughter came up to ask a very important question. “Mom, is it ok with you if I double the bread today?” She went on to explain that she wanted to go to a birthday party on Saturday (this was Tuesday). It was this child’s job to make the family’s bread -seven loaves, twice a week. Since she usually baked on Tuesday and Saturday, a party on Saturday meant that adjustments were needed.

The mother sat quietly, listening. She slightly raised an eyebrow. The girl continued, “I have checked the recipe: we have enough of all the ingredients, maybe a little low on honey but there is lots of molasses. I’ve checked the freezer: we have room for the extra loaves. I think I will knead and bake in separate batches. What do you think?”

After listening, the mom asked a few clarifying questions and gave a thumb’s up. The daughter headed off to begin baking. Sitting on the couch, I stared dumbfounded as this little seven year old girl bounced toward the kitchen, competent, confident, and happy, really, really happy.


May all babies be born into loving hands