Ah… The Holidays…
Parties and presents and decorating and baking and…
The cultural norm for late December is…
Well, it is chaotic and wonderful and busy, so very busy….

This Holiday Season I invite you to take a moment for your self.
Then, take that moment again. And Again. And again.
I invite you to receive the gift of peace.

One of the gifts that humans have, is the ability to sense their inner selves. I mean this literally: the ability to feel my diaphragm moving, the moistness of my mouth, my heart beating in my chest. This is called interoception: the ability to to sense inside one’s own body  By harnessing this gift of interoception, we are given another, a calming of our nervous system. This is the gift of peace.

So, first simply become aware of your body in this space and at this time: Feel your feet on the floor, your butt on the chair, your shoulders tugging slightly on your neck.

Then move your attention to your midsection. Notice the regular expansion and contraction of your belly and chest, the motion of your diaphragm. Just notice this movement.

As your attention softens, let it lift just a bit, just to the middle of your middle, the top of the diaphragm where your heart sits. Now, gently, let the sensation of your heart’s motion percolate into your awareness.

Feeling your feet on the floor, your diaphragm moving up and out, in and down with each breath and sensing your heart dancing on top of that wave. Be here now.

And know that you can come back anytime.

Happy Holidays!

May all babies be born into loving hands