At recent LCM Moms & More, our local play and parenting support group, a mom was doing what moms do. She was chatting with other adults, juggling a baby, offering snacks to her toddler, changing a diaper, inspecting a doll rescued by said toddler from community toy bin, and all the while, nursing her beautiful baby as needed

Babies need to eat. Babies need attention. Babies need to be snuggled. Moms need moments of quiet. The breastfeeding relationship can supply all of these things.

Children are what they learn, Remember that poem? My childhood pediatrician had it hanging on his wall. By living with a breastfeeding mom, this little girl has learned that babies need to eat, they need attention and they need to be snuggled. She has also learned that mommies quietly savor the rare moments of peace.

Like mother, like daughter. Breastfeeding can provide moments of quiet nurture for both mother and child, even for a very young ‘mommy’ and her recently adopted ‘baby.’


May all babies be born into loving hands