:  marked by inactivity or repose :  tranquilly at rest


:  the quality or state of being quiescent


For my birthday, I gave myself the gift of quiescence.

Human existence is always a balance of activity and stillness.  Literally from the beginning of our physical being, we must move and rest. From the moment that egg and sperm join, a dance begins, movement balanced with quiet. In that beginning, there is work and rest, activity and stillness. That stillness is quiescence.

The two become one


The one becomes two


All successful creations reflect this balance of activity and rest

dance, music, meals, literature, painting, liturgy, even Creation itself.

On the seventh day, G-d rested

On my birthday, I gave myself the gift of quiescence.

I got up early, clock set for a half an hour before sunrise. I showered. Standing still, I let the water flow over me. Dressing quickly, I slipped on boots, taking a moment to notice the soft lining cradle my feet. I hiked up my hill into the woods. I stood quiet. All around me, deer rustled and fled, they bleated, hooted and warned of my presence. I explored a bit, found a large flat, knee-high rock, scraped leaves and mud from its slightly depressed top. Then I sat.

The entire day was like this: Move. Stand. Move. Sit. Move. Wait.

Second shower

standing still, water streams across still shoulders.


mouth still and soft, flakes of croissant dissolve on my tongue.

Reading email in the garden

sitting, just sitting, while birds sing and dance

Friends visit

baby slobber and kisses cover my knees and chin

Walking up stairs to bed


 Photographing flowers in the yard, using manual focus, focusing tightly on the flower then

waiting, waiting, waiting, for the light to find the flower.

The entire day was like this: Move. Stand. Move. Sit. Move. Wait.

Even dinner preparation was punctuated with rest: The meat was rubbed with spices and then left alone to relax. I relaxed too. The wine was open and then sat to just breathe. Me too. The food was grilled and then rested. I rested as the table was set around me and dinner was served.

For my birthday, I received the gift of quiescence from myself. Quiescence -based in biology and honed by appreciation, punctuates the creative dance that is my life.

May all babies be born into loving hands