Quilts are amazing things: they are made of fabric that together warm you more than the separate layers ever would. A handmade quilt? Well, it warms the soul as well as the body. This week, I was presented with a very special quilt and now my body, heart and soul are very warm and cozy indeed.

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What I Have Learned From Large Families: Part 1

As midwife, I am always learning from my clients. Since starting my own midwifery practice, I have gotten to know families in an even more intimate way. Large families, families with more than four children are a breed onto themselves, one that is especially dear to my heart. I have learned so many things from caring for large families...

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The Top Ten Least Wonderful Things About Being a Private Practice, Home Birth Attending Midwife and Small Business Owner

The writing muse has been quiet lately. In attempt to woo her back, I posted a question on Facebook: 'What would you like to read as a Midwifery, Mothering & Me post'. The winning comment (for the moment) requested a post about the down side of being a midwife, the un-glamorous side of the job, something nitty and gritty. Well, (thank you, Mandy Torres) here goes....

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Top Ten Reasons I Love Having A Planned Home Birth Practice

I love having a planned home birth practice. As a fun exercise, I have written my "Top Ten Reasons" in a Midwifery, Mothering and Me blog post. In all honestly, numbers nine through two may vary depending on the day and my mood. But, the number one reason is absolutely unwavering.

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How to Pick a Home Birth Midwife:It is Personal

If you are living in the Capital District of NY, after deciding that you want a planned home birth, you are faced with another decision: Who will you choose to work with? Currently, there is a plethora of planned home birth practices in the area. Troy, Albany, Saratoga, Latham, Teh Village of Nassua all sport Home Birth Midwifery practices. How do you choose?

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Baby Joey -Pregnancy, Birth and the First Five Days

In midwifery, like life, things do not always unfold as you think they might. And Baby Joey has schooled us in that particular lesson again and again in his short life. For a update on Baby Joey, see the blog post from 3/21/13. This essay was presented, by Michelle, as the sermon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Troy, NY on Sunday, March 17, 2013.

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