I did a Thing!
I wrote a chapter for a book entitled ‘Nobody Told Me About That! The First Six Weeks‘. Come celebrate with us on Sunday Dec 9 from 3-5 PM. We will have books for sale, pens at the ready for me to sign said books, a fire in the fireplace, some hot cider, and a few delicious nibbles. Join us if you can!

Nobody Told Me About That! The First Six Weeks

Book Launch Party

Sunday, December 9, 2018

3-5 PM

35 Dearstyne Rd

Troy, NY 12180

This book is aimed at new parents about the first weeks with a baby. My chapter, Visitors: Balancing Your Needs for Privacy and Support, is based on my thirty some years of working with new families. It was fun to write, and more importantly, is proving to be helpful for both new and experienced parents alike.

A year ago (11/20/17 to be exact) Ginger Breedlove, midwife and rabble-rouser extraordinaire asked if I would participate in a project she was dreaming up. She wanted to create a book that would serve as a resource for new parents, point out hard stuff, good stuff, dangerous stuff, a book that could act as a touch stone to the realities of early parenting. I said yes because 1) it sounded like a worthwhile project, and 2) Ginger is one of my people that if she asks, I say “Yes.”

A year later, Ginger pulled it off! Acting as editor, business manager and author, she wrangled a book out of 16 authors that has 17 chapters on topics ranging from feeding and sleep, to parenting for LGBT families, and dealing with pets (aka four legged siblings).

Is the book perfect? Nope. Is it worth reading? In my opinion -yes. At the book launch this Sunday, we’ll have copies available for you to skim (or buy if you are so inclined). Either way, take a look, give me your impressions, and maybe hug. Why? Because I value your input. And we could all use a good hug these days!

May all babies be born into loving hands

Midwife Michelle Doyle with her new book, Nobody Told Me About That! The First Six Weeks