Dairy free living can have it’s perks. For me, I itch less -yay! (My main reaction to cow dairy seems to be histamine release -itchy skin and eyes, sneezing, coughing, and even more itching). Another perk for me is more creative cooking -Yay!  I first figure out what I am missing (like butter melting on toast), then I play around to find a satisfying creation.

Turns out I really miss buttered toast to go with my poached eggs. I love poached eggs. I sprinkle them with good salt, pepper and large flake nutritional yeast. Somehow, dry toast in this combo is just not the same. Well, in general, dry toast is just not the same as toast slathered with golden, melting, sweet butter.* Sigh…

Here is a simple concoction that spreads nicely, melts on warm toast, tastes yummy and makes my life even better. Hope it works for you!


May all babies be born into loving hands

Golden Spread

1 part mayonnaise (I use homemade or Best Foods)

1 part nutritional yeast (I use the large flake stuff sold in bulk at the health food store, or Braggs)

Mix together.

Refrigerate until ready to use.
Yep That is it. Easy peasy. Golden and delicious.

*Yes, I have tried margarines. They often contain whey and make me me itch. Even Earth Balance which is vegan and hence whey free makes my throat itch like crazy. Another mystery: is it the lactic acid? Sigh….