The trick with scallops is getting them dry: Take sea scallops, place on clean (unscented!) cotton towel, cover with another. Press gently but firmly. Leave between towels while heating skillet.

Heat equal amounts (2 Tablespoons each?) butter and olive oil in cast iron skillet until foaming. Pour half of butter/oil into small cup and set aside. Gently add scallops in skillet. Cook over Med-high heat until nice, brown sear. Add reserved butter/oil to skillet. Turn scallops with metal spatula and sear second side. (DO NOT COVER. DO NOT TURN MORE THAN ONCE)

In separate pan (non reactive, not iron), melt butter and olive oil (2 Tablespoons each?). Add finely minced shallot (1/2 shallot if large). Sauté gently until soft.

Remove scallops from pan when seared on both sides. Place on warm serving dish.

Quickly deglaze pan with ~1/2 c white wine, scrapping up the good bits, add to sautéed shallots. With heat on Med-High, add juice of 1/2 lemon, and let sauce reduce quickly. Add ~1/3 cup heavy cream, stir gently. Pour sauce over scallops. Garnish with chopped Flat Leaf Parsley and lemon wedges.


Add small amount (1 Tablespoon?) olive oil to skillet,. When warm, fill skillet with raw spinach (2-3 cups of mature, not baby spinach), add a pinch of good salt and a few tablespoons of broth (I used chicken). Cover and cook over medium heat until wilted. Add more spinach (~ 2-3 cups), salt and broth. Cover and cook again.


You are on your own. I use Jasmine rice and a rice cooker.


May all babies be born into loving hands