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Starting Local Care Midwifery

In 1999, my family and I moved to New York from Carbondale, Colorado. We moved here for my first job as a midwife. We moved here with my job contract, a lot of hope, and more than just a few prayers. We drove a U-Haul filled with all our belongings and a station wagon filled with our three kids. We drove across mountains, plains and the great Mississippi. Our finances were tight (our budget could handle an occasional treat at Friendly's, not gallons of organic milk). This move was a stretch for all of us, a leap of faith as a family to support my dream of being a midwife.

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Born into loving hands

Please forgive me for not writing sooner. The last month and a half have flown by -moving home and office was a lot of work! In honor of Valentine's Day. in honor of you my reader's and most importantly, in honor of Joseph Jude and his story, I am 'back in the saddle' and submitting a post. Read to the end and support the Into Loving Hands Movie fundraising campaign.

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