MedScape Medical News Troubling Gap in Hospitals’ Obstetric Complication Rates

MedScape Medical News: Troubling Gap in Hospitals' Obstetric Complication Rates This article is about the need for feedback to hospitals about their rates of OB complications compared to other hospitals. What I took away from this article from is absolute horror that US hospitals are doing so poorly. "At low-performing hospitals, 22.55% of patients delivering vaginally experienced major complications such as hemorrhage, infection, lacerations, and thrombotic events, as ...

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The Gift of Quiescence

For my birthday, I gave myself the gift of quiescence. Human existence is always a balance of activity and stillness. Literally from the beginning of our physical being, we must move and rest. From the moment that egg and sperm join, a dance begins, movement balanced with quiet. In that beginning, there is work and rest, activity and stillness. That stillness is quiescence.

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