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Death Comes For Ellen

My friend Ellen is dead, cremated, memorialized. Ellen was my friend and colleague. She was also a mother, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, midwife, student, employer, client, mentor, QIVC member, MANA DOR Director of Database Development….the list goes on and on. Ellen was and still is important in the lives of many people. Ellen was and still is loved by many, many people. In the wake of ...

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Just Breathe

Lately it seems that there is so much violence, hatred, and discord in the world: Suicide bombings. Mass shootings. Environmental disasters. Rapes and murders. Political mayhem. Cyber bullying. Schoolyard bullying. Suicides. Drug overdoses. Every day there is another mass shooting or senseless slaying somewhere in the US, another report of a heinous attack somewhere in the world: Orlando. Dallas. Chicago. Turkey. Nice. Belgium. Paris. Baghdad. Medina. ...

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