The Default Prayers of Midwife Doyle

St. Paul's Episcopal in Troy, NY is starting a book club. Our priest, Father Michael Gorchov has picked Beginner's Grace by Kate Braestrup as our first selection. Beginner's Grace is a lovely book about prayer that is truly appropriate for people of all faiths (including atheists). I read the quirky and powerful book last year on the recommendation of Father Michael's wife, Marianne. In appreciation of Michael, Marianne and Kate, here are a few of my own beginning prayers.

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What To Say

A dear friend (and client) is in the midst of celebrating and grieving for her yet to be born son. We expect that due to the way his heart formed, that he will not live long after the placenta is delivered. She said it would be helpful to have a letter or FB post to tell people how to talk to her. This post was born of that conversation.

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